In the rush of getting clothing for the maid of honor and all of the bridesmaids, don't forget about the woman who really contributed the most to the wedding: the bride's mother. She contributed so much to the wedding, she contributed the bride herself! Here are my favorite tops that say "matron of honor" and "mother of the bride" !
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Matron of Honor Tank Top
Tank tops are great because they're light weight, breathable, and pretty much the most comfortable option out there. The Matron of Honor tank top only comes in black, but it still looks good and will go well with just about anything!
Matron of Honor T-Shirt
I love this t-shirt because it has the cutest design on it that I've seen. It's a lot more vibrant and noticeable than a shirt that just has the words "matron of honor" on it! It's available in small, medium, and large so this is an option that will work great for any matron of honor!
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Mother of the Bride T-Shirt
It's basically the same thing as the matron of honor t-shirt, but it says "Mother of the Bride" instead! This is good if your bride's mom thinks "matron" makes her sound old or just likes the authority that the sound of "mother of the bride" confers on her.