All the shirts and tank tops that say "bride" or "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" are great for letting people at the bar know who's who and making sure your entire party matches, but the designs are kind of boring compared to some of the other options out there. Don't worry, though, because there's no shortage of humorous tops that the bride (or others) can wear! Here are some of the ones I think are the funniest!
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Bridezilla Tank Top
Here's a great top for a bride who's a bit of a handful and wants to wear that fact with pride! Or if she's not so aware of her attitude, you could use it to poke a little lighthearted fun at your friend. Either way, it's a good warning to any guy who might have any thoughts of hitting on the bride to steer clear!
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Bridezilla T-Shirt
The same kind of thing as the Bridezilla Tank Top, but it's in white and the word is written in more elegant lettering, so it has a classier feel to it. If there can even be anything classy about a bridezilla, that is!
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Husband Beater Tank Top
This is probably my all-time favorite bachelorette party top. It takes the classic nickname for tank tops, "wife beater," and turns that around and makes it into a cute top for a badass bride. This is one that she'll continue to wear even after the bachelorette party is over, whenever she wants to remind her new spouse who's in charge!
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Warning Tank Top
Because the bachelorette shouldn't be the only one who gets to wear a funny top at the party! Here's one that everyone can wear. It says "Warning: Bachelorette Party in Progress" so everyone at the bar or restaurant has a little time to prepare themselves for the wild and crazy girls walking in their door!