There's a wide selection of tops for the bride-to-be to choose from. Some say "Bachelorette" and some say "Bride" on them. These are my favorite ones that say "Bride" !
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Bride Tank Top - Available in Black, Pink, or White
Tank tops are great because they're light weight, breathable, and pretty much the most comfortable option out there. Plus, this website has them available in a few different colors, so you can get the one that matches the theme of your party decorations or other clothing accessories!
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Bride T-Shirt
I love this t-shirt because it has the cutest design on it that I've seen. It's a lot more vibrant and noticeable than a shirt that just has the word "bride" on it! It's available in small, medium, and large so this is an option that will work great for any bride-to-be.
Diamond Bride Tank Top
This is a tank top with a little more flair than the gemstone-studded ones that simply say "bride." It's the perfect combination of style and comfort! Plus, if your bride-to-be is complaining that her ring isn't as big as she wanted, just get her this top. Look at the size of that giant diamond! How could she not love it?